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Water & Sewer
711 Broad Street, Florence, New Jersey 08518
(609) 499-2518 Fax: (609) 499-8043

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the drinking water come from? All of the drinking water for Florence Township is pumped from five wells located near the municipal building. The wells pump from the Potomac-Raritan-Magothy (PRM) aquifer system at depths of 100-140 feet. The water is pumped to the treatment plant on 6th & Summer Streets and then into the system for use.

Is Fluoride added to the water? Fluoride is not added to the water and tests show it is not present naturally.

How do I obtain a pool credit? You must contact the billing office at 499-2518 before filling the pool. The credit is only good for pool filling and can only be received once per year.


WATER OR SEWER QUESTIONS OR COMPLAINTS, please call (609) 499-2518.

EMERGENCIES AFTER 3:30 PM & BEFORE 7:00AM, please call (609) 267-8300.

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