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Internal Affairs Division

The Florence Township Police Department’s Internal Affairs Division’s duty is to monitor the behavior of Florence Township Police Department personnel and ensure compliance with the Department’s Rules & Regulations, Policies, Township ordinances and state and federal laws.

The Internal Affairs Unit is responsible for investigating complaints of serious rule infractions, minor rule infractions, criminal allegations, firearm discharges, vehicle pursuits and monitoring drug testing of employees.  

How to file a Complaint

We take internal affairs complaints seriously and understand that public trust and participation is an integral part of policing in our society. The complaint process should not be an inconvenient or overwhelming task. We accept complaints in-person, by phone, or letter. If you cannot come to us, we can come to a location suitable to you.

We accept anonymous complaints, third-party complaints and complaints from unaccompanied juveniles (though we prefer that juveniles involve their parents).

Immigrants who seek to file complaints will NOT be asked about their immigration status.

A complaint should be filed when you witness or experience a personal encounter with Florence Township Police Department personnel that involves criminal conduct, misconduct, abusive or discriminatory behavior, neglect of duty, corrupt activity, inappropriate conduct or a violation of rules and regulations of the Florence Township Police Department.

Here's how to submit a complaint:

In person at the police station located at 711 Broad Street Florence, New Jersey 08518.

By Telephone by calling the Florence Township Police Department directly at (609) 499-3131 or by contacting Burlington County Central Communications at (609) 267-8300. You are not required to provide your name or other identifying information.

At Home or the location where the incident occurred. You may request that a supervisor respond to your location to take your complaint by calling (609) 267-8300.

By Mail by writing a letter and mailing it to the Internal Affairs Division Florence Township Police Department 711 Broad Street Florence, New Jersey 08518.

Remember, the more information you provide about what happened, the better we can assist in addressing your concerns.

What Happens Next?

Once a complaint has been filed with Internal Affairs, it is reviewed and assigned a classification based on the nature of the allegation. The most serious allegations, such as those involving criminal misconduct, excessive force resulting in injury requiring professional medical attention, and serious violations of policy, rules and regulations, are categorized. All other complaints that are generally less serious in nature, are categorized according to the violations of the Department's policy, rules and regulations. These may include improper language, inadequate service, excessive force without injury requiring treatment, and negligent damage or loss of property. Other complaints are classified as Administrative Complaints. Depending on the outcome of the investigation, the allegation may be forwarded to the Burlington County Prosecutor's Office for final disposition or adjudicated internally by the Internal Affairs Division. 

Investigations Can Have the Following Outcomes:

Unfounded: The investigation indicates the acts complained of did not occur or did not involve Florence Township Police Personnel.

Exonerated: The investigation indicates the alleged act's did occur but were within the policies, procedures and guidelines as set forth by the Department.

Not Sustained: The investigation failed to disclose sufficient evidence to clearly prove or disprove the allegations made.

Sustained: The investigation discloses sufficient evidence to clearly prove the allegation made in the complaint.

When a complaint against an officer is sustained, the report is sent to the Chief of Police for appropriate action. Discipline for infractions can occur in the following manner:

• Training and/or counseling
• Reprimand - oral/written
• Suspension from duty without pay
• Termination from the Department

Contrived / Malicious Complaints
Although there are complaints against officers that are legitimate and based on facts, there are others that are contrived and maliciously pursued, often with the intent to mitigate or neutralize legal action taken against a complainant by an officer. The matter will be fully and impartially investigated. In any case where a complaint has been fabricated or a complainant has intentionally misrepresented material facts of officer misconduct, the matter may be criminally prosecuted.


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