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The Florence Township Police Department EMT unit is made up of officers who are crossed trained as Emergency Medical Technicians and respond to emergency calls to provide medical care prior to the arrival of the emergency squad and paramedic units.

Officers who are crossed trained as EMTs undergo approximately 3 weeks of in class training as well as additional training in a hospital setting. Officers are required to attend 48 hours of training in a three year period to maintain their certifications.

To better assist the community and the response to emergency calls at least one EMT Officer is on duty for each shift. The vehicles driven by EMTs are equipped with Oxygen, advanced medical equipment, backboards and automatic external defibrillators.  EMT Officers responding to emergency calls for service assist the emergency squad by obtaining the patient’s medical history, medications currently taking by the patient, allergies to any medications and in some situations patient vitals and administering with O2.  EMT Officers are now able to also administer Narcan (Naloxone – Auto Injector) to help temporarily reverse effects of opiate overdose. 


EMT Officers –

  • Chief Brian Boldizar
  • Captain Jonathan Greenberg
  • Sergeant Mauro Correnti
  • Sergeant Timothy Sadar
  • Sergeant Nicholas Czepiel
  • Lieutenant Albert Jacoby
  • Detective James Ford
  • Patrolman David Filippine
  • Patrolman Nicole Bonilla
  • Patrolman Daniel Scully
  • Patrolman Paul Wright



711 Broad Street  •  Florence, NJ 08518  •  609-499-3131