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Caution – Watch out for unscrupulous solicitations for Water and Sewer Line Insurance.

Dear Florence Township resident, we have been made aware that at least one company is mailing letters to our residents to get people to sign up for water and/or sewer line insurance.  Though the ultimate decision to buy insurance like this rests with a homeowner, we would be remiss if we didn’t at least tell our residents that the solicitation really makes it look like there is some dire situation that could cost a homeowner thousands of dollars.  If you receive one of these solicitations, please take the time to review it very carefully and consider speaking with the township before you commit.  We have heard of people getting into programs like this and their credit cards or banks were debited every month for a very long time even after they tried to un-subscribe.

If you wish to learn more, please contact David Lebak the Water and Sewer Director at 609-499-2518, Richard Brook or Thomas Sahol in the Office of the Administrator at 609-499-2525.


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