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Misinformation Reported in Recent Newspaper
About Single Stream Recycling


Today’s (8/28/14) Burlington County Times had a single stream article with 2 very bad misstatements. 

In today’s misleading Burlington County Times article, it was reported that:

  • “Questions about disposing of old carts can be directed to individual municipalities”  This should have said questions about ….old buckets, not carts.  Please note that Resident are to keep their existing paper carts and that these are now their single stream carts.  Additional carts are only for overflow
  • “32 municipalities began last week in advance of the launch of a single-stream system, marking the end of having to separate curbside waste

This was a very bad statement, so some residents think they can mix garbage and recycling.  Residents are kindly reminded that the blue carts are ONLY for recyclables – bottles, cans, paper and cardboardNOT garbage!

It is extremely important we stress these points and be aware of the misinformation reported in the Burlington County Times.

In addition, residents may need to know:

Between September 1st and the time that their extra cart is delivered, please recycle as follows:

  • Fill your blue paper cart FIRST with bottles, cans, paper, and cardboard.
  • Use your recycling buckets for any overflow,
  • If needed, flatten cardboard boxes to 2’ x 3’ and set next to your cart.



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