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Florence Township Pedestrian and Handicapped Accessibility Work.
The community has received another grant award that will be used as part of Florence Township’s ongoing effort to address improving accessibility for handicapped individuals.  Almost every year, the township undertakes the installation of ADA compliant handicapped ramps throughout Florence Township. As part of the improvement program, the township is always working to close any gaps that may be present in the sidewalk system.  Thus far, the long-term goal of creating a seamless and fully accessible pedestrian system has been funded entirely by State and Federal Grants.

The latest grant award involving sidewalk and handicapped accessibility improvements is in the amount of $64,000. The Mayor and Township Council recently awarded a contract and work is anticipated to begin in the community by early to mid-spring 2012.

If anyone has questions concerning the pedestrian and handicapped accessibility improvements, please contact the Assistant Township Administrator, Tom Sahol at (609) 499-2525.



711 Broad Street  •  Florence, NJ 08518  •  609-499-2525
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