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2018 Road Program

The Mayor and Township Council have authorized the administration and engineer to prepare the plans and specifications for the 2018 Road Program. Work during road programs often involves more than just repaving. Work also can involve evaluating sidewalks and curbs for repair or replacement, sometimes entirely new sidewalks are installed, handicap access ramps are installed, drainage improvements are made, street trees are evaluated for removal and replacement, and finally the roadway is repaved.

The 2018 program is going to be a sizable project as outlined below.


- Main Street (5th Ave. to 8th Ave. – both sides) 
- 7th Avenue (Main St. to Riverside Ave.) 
- 8th Avenue (Main St. to Riverside Ave.) 
- Walnut Street (Ninth St. to Wilbur Henry Dr.)
- Wallace Avenue (Delaware Ave. to Eighth St.) 
- Wallace Avenue (Eighth St. to end)
- East Sixth Street (Walnut St. to Spruce St.) 
- Cooper Street (Ninth St. to Wilbur Henry Dr.)
- 3rd Avenue (Main to Riverside)
- 4th Avenue (Hornberger Ave. to South St.) 
- 6th Avenue (Hornberger Ave. to South St.) 
- Alden Avenue (Hornberger Ave. to end)
- Potts Mill Road (Old York to bridge near Creekwood Drive)
- Burlcliff Street 
- McCay Drive loop
- Schisler Drive loop

Additional 2018 ROAD IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM work will be performed on the following streets since PSE&G is replacing gas mains on these streets in 2017. Fortunately, the township was able to work with PSE&G to have them pave half of each roadway versus a simple trench repair. Therefore, the township will pave the second half of the following roads as part of the 2018 Road Program.

- West Fourth Street (Broad St. to Church St.)
- East Fourth Street (Chestnut St. to Spruce - & 200’ east)
- East Sixth Street (Broad St. to Walnut St.) & 200’ east)
- Chestnut Street (E. Fifth St. to E. Sixth Street)
- Winter Street (W. Second St. to W. Third St.) 
- Church Street (Front St. to end) 
- Laurel Avenue (Front St. to end) 
- Foundry Street (W. Second St. to W. Third St.) 
- West Fifth Street (Spring St. to Eyre St., north side) 
- Spruce Street (E. Fifth St. to Wilbur Henry Dr.) 
- Progress Street (E. Third St. to E. Fifth St.)
- East Third Street (Olive St. to Grove St.)



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