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Leaf Collection Information

Kindly be aware that due to restrictions on leaf disposal at the county landfill, the trash company cannot accept leaves in the trash stream. However, Florence Township operates a leaf collection program which begins in the early Fall season. In the meantime, if you begin to collect leaves now, you should loosely place them curbside and call the township clerk’s office at 609-499-2525 to be placed on a leaf collection list. The public works department can accommodate a faster removal of the leaves using a vacuum machine when they are in loose piles at the curb versus in bags.

Each Wednesday, the public works department receives a new collection list and it is anticipated during times when leaf collection is heavy, it could take a week or two at most to fully work through the lists.

Starting in mid-October, the leaf collection machine began operating on streets throughout the township on a rotating basis. When this occurs, there is generally a collection of all streets about once every week.

If you wish to remove your leaves sooner, you can bring them to the township recycling center located on Summer Street near the public works facility. Please do not bring materials to the recycling center unless it is open. Materials left outside the fence can present a hazard for children who frequent the nearby park areas.

Recycling Center Hours:  Thursday & Friday from 11AM to 5PM, Saturday from 9AM to 3PM.



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